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Sales Automation - Having It Your Way

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Many sales-related software systems these days tout some level of sales automation. The systems we've come across which meet this criteria are generally customer relationship management, marketing automation, or sales automation systems. However, in most every case the automation they've built is how they want it to be - and not necessarily how you want it to be.

What if you don't want to connect your email system to the sales system and have...

  • Every single email and contact record imported.
  • Every new email logged as an activity record for its contact. (E.g. the 7 emails it took to schedule a call. Not very helpful.)
  • Every new email address automatically create a contact and company record.

While many businesses love the fully automated design, several businesses desire a hybrid approach. Not quite complete automation so they can maintain control over the quality and quantity of information in their sales system. However, these hybrid users require a simple enough user experience so they can easily add contacts and emails when they to. (E.g. in one click).

Whether you are in favor of full automation, or hybrid automation, we're happy to support your needs at VipeCloud. When you connect your inbox to VipeCloud you control your level of automation, and whichever options you choose, you can still add the valuable data you need in one click. 

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