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Sending Bulky, Untrackable Attachments Is So 90s

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Can you believe the 90s were 16 years ago? Back then the iPhone didn't exist, CRM was in its infant stages, and Justin Bieber was definitely not a thing. You know what sales people did back in the 90s? They sent email attachments and had no idea if they were viewed. And if the attachments were large in size, they might not even have made it to the recipient.

You're not still doing that are you? :).

Three great advancements in technology have made sending trackable attachments a "norm" for today's salesperson.

  1. With cloud storage becoming ubiquitous, email systems for sales people are changing from attaching bulky files to the email to hosting the file and making it available via a link. With no bulky attachments, the email has a much higher chance of inboxing, and is viewable on more devices.
  2. By switching from attachments to links, those same email systems for sales people can know with certainty if the link was clicked. That knowledge can enable attachment view alerts be sent to the sales person, so they can time their follow ups.
  3. Taking it one step further, some email systems for sales people even make it possible for the attachment to not have be downloaded at all - but rather viewed in the browser. Scrolling through a file in a browser window allows the email system to measure, and make available to sales people, how much time was spent viewing each page of the attachment
How cool is that? And guess what - it's fairly commonly available. If this is something that interests you and your team, we invite out to give it a try via VipeCloud.
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