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Series Templates for Drip Campaigns

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A powerful marketing tool for nurturing leads and new customers, you can create a series of emails to send to your contact lists or newly interested contacts. Simply create a Series Template and apply it when sending your emails.

When would you use Drip Campaigns?

Quite simply, when multiple emails to a potential customer might bring them closer to buying.

For example:

  1. Follow up a few times with attendees to a webinar your hosted who might need a little nudging to get over the hump of becoming a customer.

  2. Follow up a few times to people who download content as they might be interested in other value you offer as well.

  3. Stay engaged with the stack of business cards you collected at a conference.

  4. Ramp up new customers with a mini-trainings / overviews over the course of several emails.

  5. And more...

Don't believe just us! Ragi Burhum, CEO of AmigoCloud, has the following to say about why he chose VipeCloud's Drip Campaigns: 

“We are far more successful at converting our leads if we are more agile in the way we communicate with our prospects. No product allows AmigoCloud to do that except VipeCloud. Now we easily tailor our message to the needs of each vertical, respond quickly, and deliver the trusted advice our clients value. With campaign products we tried before VipeCloud this workflow was a labor-intensive nightmare."

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