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Short Circuiting the Blame Game

· Small Business,All In One CRM,Automation

Even in a small business you’re faced with wondering if low revenues are a result of sales effort, messaging, or product. And if you’re the only one in the company you even question whether you’ve done all you can to optimize these three legs of your business. You’re aware there are a lot of tools out there that promise increased efficiency and productivity – over 1,000% efficiency if you spend the time and money to implement them all. Yeah… Right... We can’t help you on the product side but perhaps our ideas about your sales and marketing activities will help.

We suggest the solution is to just “Keep It Simple”. Unless you’re running a mega-corporate enterprise you probably only need to do two things: Make sure your sales people are able to do their job and keep your finger on the pulse of your business without cutting off the blood flow. You already know that too much management is counter-productive so heed the time-tested maxim and lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way. How?

Don’t change your team’s processes to fit the way someone else’s automated systems work.

First, don’t change your team’s processes to fit the way someone else’s automated systems work. You hired these people because you believed they can make rain happen. Let them do their thing. Instead, give them tools that help them do what they do best… But don’t get in their way.

Make it easier for them to prospect by using the power of the Cloud to run pre-made, personalized outreach campaigns. When they receive email responses, record them automatically and trigger whatever next action works best for them. Don’t make them painfully re-enter information you already have to make your pipeline-management tool work. Remember that every hour they have to spend on learning new ways to do things is an hour they’re not selling.

At the same time, make sure the information going out and coming in is automatically summarized for your pipeline management needs. Without this capability you have to ask your people for status. We all know how that goes. You both waste time reporting rather than selling. Instead, see what they’re doing at the same time they’re productively selling.

If you’re not already doing something like this it’s time to consider a different approach. A large enterprise can afford (maybe) to buy multiple marketing, email, contact management and pipeline management systems and spend the countless dollars and hours to implement them and re-train employees. But if you have less than 200 sales people this isn’t really an option. Check out VipeCloud. The trial is free and takes minutes to learn and use. It will help you deal with the uncertainties of the “Blame Game.”

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