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Sign Up Forms [Updated - Now Including Custom Fields]

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Sign up forms are a wonderful way to build contact lists for your business, and VipeCloud offers them out the gate. Whether you want us to host your landing pages for you or embed forms into your blog articles or website, in just a few minutes you can be ready to go! 

Below is a video overview of how to create sign up forms in VipeCloud. Because VipeCloud supports email marketing to contact lists, our sign up forms are essentially externally facing contact lists. As your list grows the sign up form itself can power autoresponders, and in addition you can send mass emails to the entire list as is necessary.

If you are new to sign up forms, we're happy to hop onto a screen share to walk you through how to create and manage them (in addition to sharing some best practices).

To your continued success!

Sign up for VipeCloud today to try out our sign up forms!

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