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Small Business Insights: Do the Work, Do the Work, Do the Work

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Regardless of what product or service you deliver, the economy is evolving into a service economy. The quality of your customer service today is more impactful on your business than it has ever been. While that sounds hyperbolic, it's actually true. 

The recipients of bad customer service are highly likely to voice their pain. And there exist several channels for them to vent, including Twitter, GripeVine, Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Yelp, blogs, myriad industry specific forums, and of course good old fashioned word of mouth.  And these forums are publicly available for others to research and review before purchasing your services.

The bar for customer service has risen as a result of a greatly expanded "grapevine" for scuttlebutt to traverse. It's that much more difficult to do such a good job that a customer is motivated to use the same channels listed above to share positive feedback. But when they do, seize it!

That is why we are thrilled every time we received a great review, and we received yet another five star one, so we're posting it, sharing it, and yelling about it from the top of every mountain top we find. Why? Because we are proud of what we do.

Five Star Customer Review for VipeCloud

Courtney Meyer of Menlo Partners Staffing was kind enough to share her recent experience with us, and we are thankful!

Why did we get a 5 star review? Because we operate by the mantra "Do the Work, Do the Work, Do the Work." We want every customer to be a happy customer, and we believe the way to achieve that is to do everything we can to ensure their experience with VipeCloud is wonderful.

Thank you Courtney!

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