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Solopreneurs: Not Everyday Requires Progress

Being a Solopreneur is tough. You can feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders. Here's a quick note to remind all you solopreneurs out there that it's OK if you don't make progress every single day.

Sometimes there are days when you it's best to not charge forward, but rather to take a step back and re-evaluate your strategy. Pro-tip: try not to do this halfway through a project or if you have just lost a deal or experienced some other setback. Only re-valuate your strategy when you are in good a mental state and emotional spirits.

Other times there are days when you really should settle that dust you recently stirred up. Yes I'm talking about administrative tasks - your finances, your registrations, your licenses, etc.

And last, sometimes there are days where things just don't go your way. We have all experienced these - which by definition means you are not unique in this regard. If a day like this is happening, do - physically do - something to change things up. Close your computer, turn off your phone, and go for a walk, hike, or run. Move your body and get out of your own way. I promise tomorrow is a new day.

As the saying goes, it only takes ten years to create an overnight success. Never forget how many tough and frustrating days those who are successful went through to get there.

Your partner in selling,


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