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Startup Insights: Choosing What Not to Do

Today we're going to take a step back and chat startup. We are a startup. We love being a startup. And we love being a part of the startup community (we're lucky enough to be members of the StartX and BizSpark communities too!).

Part of the fun of a startup is the inverse relationship between the size of your company and the effect your decisions can have, in a relatively short period of time. A direct result of inertia, or lack there of, it can cause butterflies when the founding team of a startup makes big strategic decisions. Those decisions can range the entire spectrum - from the initial idea of the company, to the markets your company serves, to the marketing efforts on which you focus.

Today we're going to dive into those marketing decisions. To start the conversation, below is a graphic from Ramit Sethi over at I Will Teach You To Be Rich. It's taken from an article he published on The Four Hour Work Week, Real-World Blueprint for a $5-Million Week.

If you are an entrepreneur or part of a startup team, I would suggest reading Ramit's entire article. But for the purpose of this article let's focus on this graphic. A good list of marketing options is listed here. One could even consider adding LinkedIn, Twitter, purchasing email/mailing lists, content marketing, magazine ads, industry specific rags, and others.

Regardless of the list you come up with, or how you've ranked the options as relevant to your business, the takeaway is the amount of whitespace in the graphic. What channels will you decide not to worry about until you have more resources to implement it with the full force you put into every other aspect of your startup?

Saying "No" to things can be difficult! It can go against any fear of missing out your team might have. But the difference from doing several things halfway, versus one, two, or three with full force can be very real!

If you haven't recently evaluated how you're spending your time and financial resources to drive your top of the funnel awareness, now might be a good time.

Happy startup'ing!

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