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The Inertia In Your Sales Stack

· All In One CRM,Small Business

My how a couple years can change things. published an article in January of 2015 titled Welcome to the Era of the Sales Stack. It recently re-appeared on my desk and I'm not going to lied, I started laughing as I read it. It literally suggested 16 different tools for your sales stack. 16!

And on top of that, their list didn't include any tools related to social selling, landing page lead generation, or generally any inbound demand generation. The tools were basically all for managing and connecting data, not growing it.

If you are a small business owner or anything but a team member at an enterprise-sized company, the concept of an "era of a sales stack" probably makes you sick. Why? Because it requires a significant percentage of your time to do the following:

  1. Map out how your go to market strategy connects to possible technology.
  2. Learn the landscape of which tools in which category might work best for you.
  3. Demo the top candidates. 
  4. Choose your tools.
  5. Go back to the drawing board to ensure that each tool will connect with each other. [ this probably includes help from your IT department on spend on an IT contractor ]
  6. Pay for all of the subscriptions to all of the tools.
  7. Wait while your IT person or department connects all the systems.
  8. Login for the first time to each tool and set them up for your business (or got back to IT / write IT another check).
  9. Now that your systems are setup, it's time to learn how they work. 
  10. After some trial and error you start to get the hang of things.
  11. Boom, now you're rocking and rolling.
  12. Wait, you just got an email that a new update to one of your system has breaking changes and won't work as expected (or is no longer supported). 
  13. Rinse and repeat.
You know what NONE of those things allowed you to do? Focus on growing your business. You did however, become an expert on the landscape of various apps ;).
We believe the new era is one of sales simplicity. Find a software partner which will help you focus on your business, not the business of all the apps trying to sell something to you.
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