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Track Email Attachments To Forecast By Engagement

Forecast by engagement is a term we use often here at VipeCloud. To us it's fairly obviously a better way to forecast than by sales person activity. How can one achieve such a lofty goal? By measuring your emails.

Email is becoming the primary form of communication for sales. Even salespeople who use their phone often follow up a phone call with an email to confirm what each party agreed to as next steps (or if they don't they should) .

Technology today allows us to measurement email engagement, and by engagement I mean opens and clicks. In a prior article about why HTML template emails are a thing of the past, there is a short discussion of why email opens are finicky at best. Email clicks are where the real action is.

How can attachment files be tracked?

Email's format, from pretty much the beginning of email itself, has allowed people to add files as attachments. Sales people naturally use this feature for presentations, case studies, and proposals. However, when using the old format of attaching a (sometimes bulky) file to an email, it is not possible to track if it was viewed.

But with a slight tweak in how the attachment is connected to the email, with no change in behavior by the sender or the receiver, tracking becomes very possible. Let me explain how we do it at VipeCloud.

When you click to add an attachment to an email sent from VipeCloud, instead of simply attaching the file, we upload the file and provide a link inside the email for the recipient to download the file. A few key benefits result:

  1. With the attachment available as a link instead of a bulky file, the email won't be blocked by a size filter on the receiving end (ever been frustrated that your 12 megabyte PowerPoint presentation won't go through?). As far as the recipient's system is concerned, the link is simply more text. A huge storage savings!
  2. When recipients click on links, we can know that they do! We can track that the link click on the "attachment" happened! And unlike the finicky opens, link clicks will always be correct.
  3. As mentioned in a recent Help article we published (link at end of sentence), by converting an attachment to a link you can also choose if you want your recipient to download the file as usual, or to view the file displayed in their browser. If the latter, you can also measure how much time they spend viewing each page of your sales collateral.
That's it! By using some slick technology, which doesn't change how you send emails, we can begin to enable you to forecast by engagement.
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