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Track Gmail Emails with Inbox Sidebar from VipeCloud

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VipeCloud's new Inbox Sidebar deeply integrates our All-In-One CRM directly into your Gmail experience. The result: you can now track Gmail emails and have them auto-logged as activities without every leaving Gmail. Whether you are using G Suite or a regular address for your business Inbox Sidebar let's you track if the email was opened and if your attachments are viewed.

Historically, all of our email tracking required sending your emails through our servers. Now we give you the option to choose if your emails are sent through your Gmail account or our servers. Our system defaults are below, both of which can be changed in your User Settings.

  • Individual emails send through your Gmail account.
  • Mass emails send through VipeCloud's servers. 

There are pros and cons to both options. Namely, sending through your own Gmail account will probably have the best delivery and sending through VipeCloud's servers will provide better analytics. Also note that Gmail has an outbound email limit (whether personal or G Suite) of 1,500 emails per day. Sending mass emails through VipeCloud allows you to send to a much larger audience, with the convenience of composing the email directly in Gmail.

How Does Tracking Gmail Email Opens Work?

With Inbox Sidebar installed as a Chrome Extension, when you compose or reply to an email we add an action bar to the bottom of the compose window.

Click the Send Now button in the Trackable Email bar to track if your email was opened. When you click the Send Now button, VipeCloud will insert a tracking pixel into the bottom of your email and then the email will send as usual. Note, while it will be in your Sent folder, if you view it there that will count as an email open ;). 

The Trackable Email bar offers some other powerful functionality too. The rightmost, Email Templates button pops up a modal listing all of your email templates, so you can save time typing a typical response or first email.

The Tags button will copy to your clipboard any of the number of merge tags we support. Whether you send a single email, or a mass email, we'll merge the respective information for the contact (e.g. %FIRST_NAME%) before we send the email.

If you look closely at the Send Now button, you'll notice it is a dropup button. Clicking the up arrow brings up some additional sending options for you:

Surprised? These are all pretty effective email enhancements. 

Send Later allows you to schedule your email to be sent at a future time (you can edit or cancel it from our sidebar). 

Send Test to Yourself will send the current email draft to you, so you can review what it will look like upon receipt. Note we send test emails through our own servers so that we can keep the current draft open and you can send it for real when you are ready. 

Send to Contact List. Could it be? Mass emailing from inside Gmail? Yep! Draft your email and use the merge tags. Then click this button and select to which of your VipeCloud contact lists you want to send the email. We'll process each email individually and send it through your Gmail account or our servers, pending your setting. The open, attachment view, bounce, and unsubscribes are all visible from the sidebar.

How Does Tracking Gmail Email Attachments Work?

This feature takes email effectiveness to a whole new level. Inbox Sidebar is capable of allowing you to track if your attachments are opened. When you click any of the Trackable Email send options, if there is an attachment we'll covert it to a hyperlink. The recipient views the attachment by clicking the link, which we can track, and the attachment is downloaded as usual. How cool is that?

PS. We also offer an Enterprise level feature allowing you to display your attachments in a browser window and track how much time people spend on each page. Contact us for more information about time-per-page tracking.

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