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Try VipeCloud as a Hootsuite Alternative

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Hootsuite is a good social management platform. However, we have found that for many small businesses, there are two issues with it. First, it is yet another system to which you have to subscribe and manage outside of your core CRM. And second, it has so many features that many only use - and will only ever use - a subset of what they offer.

We'd love for you to consider VipeCloud as a Hootsuite alternative, for the following reasons:

  1. Our social marketing capabilities are built into our All-In-One CRM so you can manage your social sharing without an additional service.
  2. Our social marketing capabilities are simple, and there are three basic levels for how to share on social via VipeCloud.
    1. Every Tuesday we email every VipeCloud user a few generic, trending articles you can post to your social profiles, saving you the time of having to find interesting articles to share.
    2. We offer a Chrome extension which allows you to post or schedule any page you're visiting to all of your social pages.
    3. We have developed AutoShare technology which allows you to post to the LinkedIn profiles of your entire time, on their behalf. Imagine how significant your footprint will be!
  3. As part of our All In One CRM, you also get our email marketing, series (which include emails AND tasks), CRM, and sales tools.

Whatever you decide, we wish you the best of success!

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