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Try VipeCloud as a Hubspot Alternative

Hubspot has become a beefy product - in capability but also in price. If you are considering a Hubspot alternative, we invite you to check out VipeCloud's All-In-One CRM. We love healthy competition, and Hubspot is about as healthy as they come. But that doesn't mean their product is the right one for everyone. In this article we discuss three reasons why.

Reason #1 - Price.

As of this writing, Hubspot pricing is at $200, $800, or $2,400 per month billed annually, plus a required onboarding fee. For those rates, many features are included, in addition to their zero cost CRM and Sidekick email tracker (more on those later).

That said, they have a relatively low limitation on the number of contacts you can have in each edition. Their lowest priced tier includes only 100 contacts. In our experience, we have yet to meet a business with only 100 contacts, which means for many the $800 per month tier is the starter version. And for many small businesses that is a tremendous amount of cash outflow.

Reason #2 - Marketing Software Focus.

All businesses need three basic software capabilities - email tracking & marketing capabilities, contact management, and deal management. While Hubspot has a powerful marketing platform, it's "loss leader" CRM and email tracker are available at no cost. In our experience, free products tend to not be as up to snuff as the revenue generating ones. (Most of us probably learned as children that you get what you pay for).

Reason #3 - Ease of Use.

Every strategic decision is a double-edged sword. Hubspot's required onboarding fee, in addition to the fact that their marketing platform offers a wide variety of capabilities, suggests a certain level complexity. And many run from complexity when they can.

Just this weekend, a CEO of a small business told me one of his sales people is using an email marketing system outside of their company's Hubspot account because as a sales person the 3rd party system was easier.


If you are evaluating your sales and marketing software ecosystem, and want to consider an alternative to Hubspot, we invite you to evaluate VipeCloud. Our pricing at $30 or $60 per user per month billed annually is much easier to swallow. Features across our platform are all revenue generating, and thus all prioritized. And as you can see in our customer success stories, our ease of use is next to unbeatable.

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