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Try VipeCloud as a Mailtrack Alternative

· All In One CRM,Small Business

We have seen a few emails with "Sent with Mailtrack" in the signature, a denotation that the sender is using the free version of Mailtrack in their Gmail account to track if emails are opened. (Check out our article How Email Open Tracking Really Works if you don't know :).

Mailtrack seems like a good, simple service. However, if you are a small or mid-sized business, it can be yet another app to manage as part of your sales and marketing stack. We invite you to consider VipeCloud as a Mailtrack alternative, for the following reasons:

  1. We offer attachment tracking. We convert your attachments to hyperlinks and can track if and when they are viewed, alerting you to the best time to follow up with your prospects.
  2. VipeCloud is an All-In-One Growth Stack, offering all the sales and marketing software components you need to grow your business. Not only can we track if your emails are opened, but we have an entire marketing and pipeline management engine as part of our single offering. 
  3. Our Inbox Sidebar brings most all of our All-In-One CRM directly into your Gmail experience.
The benefits of simplify the software you use to grow your business is seen directly on your bottom line. We invite you to consider VipeCloud as your partner in growth!
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