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Try VipeCloud's Inbox Sidebar as a Toutapp Alternative

Toutapp has built an email tracking tool. However, it is an email tool which requires you to also have a subscription to a CRM, and in many cases, a marketing automation and/or landing page management product as well. Our mission at VipeCloud is to save your business from subscribing to too many overspecialized software products. If you are evaluating your software spend and resulting software ecosystem, we welcome you to consider VipeCloud as a Toutapp alternative.

For a lower price VipeCloud's product family includes email tracking in Gmail, in addition to an All-In-One CRM inclusive of pipeline and campaign tools, all of which are available as a Gmail sidebar and a web application.

Some of the additional functionality you will gain access to with VipeCloud includes:

  1. Automated contact and company creation, for your contact management.
  2. Call lists created from customers who click on your emails.
  3. Automatic contact activity and engagement tracking.
  4. Pipeline management.
  5. Task management.
  6. Social drip campaigns.
  7. And much more...

On top of all that, we pride ourselves on the quality and speed of our support. We encourage you to try us today!

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