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Try VipeCloud Video Email as a BombBomb Alternative

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We are beginning to hear more and more about a video email service called BombBomb. It seems that they are doing some good things, however, we invite you to consider VipeCloud's video email and All-In-One CRM as a BombBomb alternative, for the following reasons:

Design - Images in Emails Work Against You

Sending emails from BombBomb inserts a thumbnail of the video into the email. From our research, this actually works against you because so many folks have displaying images turned off by default. For example, the last four versions of Outlook disable image downloading as their default settings. For more information and research we put together on this topic, view our blog article HTML Templates Are Probably Hurting Your Newsletters.

In addition, when clicking to view their video their landing page highlights several factors other than your video. In our experience, it is best to 1) have a text-based message that has the highest chance of getting your recipient to click on your video link and 2) to have that video link focus as much as possible on your video.

Additional Features - Video Email vs. All-In-One

It appears that BombBomb offers video email and email marketing, however, VipeCloud is an All-In-One Growth Stack, offering a suite of marketing, sales, and CRM tools all in a single subscription. With VipeCloud you also gain access to social marketing, individual email tracking, contact management, task management, opportunity management, and much, much more. Our mission is to reduce the number of systems that you subscribe to so that you can get back to focusing on growing your business (instead of managing all your apps).

Price - More For Less

As of this writing VipeCloud is priced less than BombBomb, and you gain the benefits of our entire solution built and serviced right here in the United States!

For a more detailed explanation of how to use video email in VipeCloud, view our blog article about One-Click Video Email.

So that you can manage less apps, and get more from them, we invite you to try VipeCloud today!

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