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Two Reasons Why We Love Salesforce the Company

· Small Business

Now firmly in the Customer Relationship Management ("CRM") industry, we at VipeCloud have a different opinion about the gorilla in our space than one might think. We actually love our largest competitor. Here are the two primary reasons why:

Salesforce Markets the CRM Industry to the World For Us

That's right - they are doing our work for us. As the largest player in the CRM market, the more they shout about "CRM" from the mountain tops, the more companies will recognize they need a CRM. Salesforce is marketing the entire industry and driving companies to the CRM aisle of the supermarket (if you will).

As the relative newcomer underdog, we at VipeCloud are not challenged with convincing people they need -a- CRM. Our challenge is to convince 1 out of every X buyers to choose VipeCloud as their CRM. And the smaller that X becomes for us, the more successful we become as an organization driven to save SMBs from subscribing to too many overspecialized software products.

Salesforce is an Enterprise Solution

Every strategic decision is a double-edged sword, and to become the market leading CRM, Salesforce moved upstream to the Enterprise. The other edge of that sword, is that Salesforce is now often considered too complex for small (and in many cases medium) sized businesses. Salesforce is such a robust product that it is generally a given you'll have to hire a partner organization to customize and set it up for you - resources many SMBs do not (and should not) spend.

Some may say that Salesforce's acquisition of RelateIQ (now SalesforceIQ) was a strategic move by Salesforce to get back into the small business market. However, in our - albeit anecdotal - experience, this is not where the acquisition is going. SalesforceIQ is now considered part of the Enterprise machine that is Salesforce, though it has greatly improved the user experience with aspects of its ease of use. And we're not alone in thinking this, an article on Medium supports the idea that SalesforceIQ is better for "big" organizations.

We look at this as an opportunity. In fact, because of Salesforce the SMB market is now an opportunity for us at VipeCloud to serve a segment of the market that we believe can benefit from our help. We can develop the perfect CRM solution for the small business, and hone in on which customers in the CRM aisle we will be the best fit for.

So thank you Salesforce, and keep it up!

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