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Uncover New Leads With Weekly Email Open Tracking

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With the recent release of our Inbox Sidebar, we made uncovering new leads as simple as checking your email. Inbox Sidebar allows you to send an email, or a mass email, with email open tracking.

As much as we all hope people read our emails immediately, that is often not the case. Here's where open tracking comes to the rescue. Not only can you be alerted the moment someone first reads your email, but subsequent opens are tracked as well. 

More often than not, the moment someone first reads your email they probably aren't ready to fully focus on what you are asking (or telling) them. These days, there is a good chance they read your email while on the go.

But... if they open it again later. THAT is an act with intent. And this is exactly why Inbox Sidebar presents you with a Weekly Opens tab - so you can uncover actions with intent which may be delayed from when you originally sought to grab your prospects attention.

If you haven't connected with someone on your Weekly Opens list in a while, now you have a perfect opportunity to reach out to them. They are already thinking of you. 

Good luck uncovering newly interested parties with Inbox Sidebar's Weekly Opens!

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