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View Contact Email History In Gmail Sidebar

Inbox Sidebar by VipeCloud Brings Contextual History to Gmail for Sales and Marketing Teams

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Where is that email Joe sent me? Which email in the thread is it? If you've thought either of these thoughts, you are not alone! Finding a contact's history of emails can be a challenge, especially if you use threading. Inbox Sidebar to the rescue.

VipeCloud's Inbox Sidebar is "contextually aware." That means if you are generically in your inbox, the sidebar displays your standard CRM (Customer Relationship Management) information like recent engagement, tasks, opportunities, etc.

Inbox Sidebar Summary View

However, if you click into an email, Inbox Sidebar automatically updates to pull up the contact record and display your history of engagement with them. Any emails sent or received, any email opens or attachment views, and any calls or other activities you've logged.

Inbox Sidebar Contact Email History View

Boom! Right there on the right hand side of your Gmail is your history of emails and engagement with the contact. Other tabs for the contact record are also available to you including details, tasks, opportunities, custom fields, content (including any email attachments), and contact lists this person is a member of.

Also, in addition to pulling up contact information if you click into an email, if you search for an email address the sidebar will also update to display the contact record of your search.

How cool is that? Happy selling :)

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