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VipeCloud 3.0: Sales + Pipeline + Campaigns All In One Product

We are thrilled to introduce you to VipeCloud 3.0: Sales + Pipeline + Campaigns all in one product! We call it Forecast Automation. VipeCloud 3.0 is a CRM replacement with a vision to provide sales managers the information they need to forecast accurately, while automating Sales' administrative tasks.

There are two key challenges facing sales organizations today: 1) sales people don't want to spend time with administrative tasks and 2) sales managers need to accurately forecast. CRM systems have not eliminated the first challenge, hindering sales managers from accomplishing their goal. VipeCloud 3.0's vision is to realize for you what CRM originally sought to be: your forecast manager. 

Several functional enhancements are highlighted below:

  1. Pipeline Management. Begin automating your revenue forecast. We have already created Contacts and Companies for you based on your email history. Manage Opportunities from the Dashboard or by clicking Opportunities in the navigation.
  2. Email sync. Sync your email system to VipeCloud and we'll auto-create Contacts and Companies for every email you send or receive. Every email is also automatically logged as an activity.
  3. Sign Up Forms + Email Responders. Generate inbound interest with sign up forms, and nurture them with an automated series of emails after they sign up.
  4. LinkedIn App. Eliminate having to add a comment when sharing our Tuesday trending articles.
  5. Mobile. VipeCloud 3.0 is fully functional on your mobile device. Go to in a mobile browser and click to "Add to Home Screen".
  6. Task Management. Create and work through your to-do lists, and we'll log all your tasks as activities.
  7. Referral Program to Earn $$$ Credits. Keep VipeCloud free by referring new accounts.

Your partner in selling,
-Adam & the VipeCloud team

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