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VipeCloud Adds Account-Wide Tags Across Growth Stack

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Tags are a powerful way to organize data, and in VipeCloud they just got better. Both account and personal tags are now available to help organize your team's CRM data. Let's dive into how you can create tags, add them to your CRM items, and then filter your CRM items based on tags.

How to Create Tags

Tags can be created from your Get Started / Setup page, and also on the fly. On the Get Started page, tab over to CRM and select the box to create your first tags.

Create First Tags

A modal will pop up that will allow you to create and manage tags for your Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, and Content. All users have access to Tag Management, however, only Admins can create account-wide tags.

VipeCloud Tag Management

Tags can also be created on the fly. When you are creating or viewing the details of any Contact, Company, Opportunity, or Content you can add and edit the tags associated with them. You can create a new, personal tag right then and there, or choose from existing tags.

Add Tags to CRM Items

Adding Tags to CRM Items

Now that you have your tags, how do you add them to your CRM items? We see in the screen shot above how to add tags to individual items. You can also add them to multiple items at once, two different ways.

First, when you upload a CSV of your contacts, we support a Tags column where you can add comma-separated tags.

Adding Tags via a CSV Upload

Second, when visiting the Contacts, Companies, Opportunities, or Content sections of your VipeCloud account you can multi-select items and add or subtract Tags from all of your selected items.

Mass Add or Remove Tags

Of course, to save you from having to individually select each item you want to add a tag to, with our Filter Views you can sort your items, select all results, and quickly add or remove tags several of your items at once.

How To Filter Your Items By Tags

VipeCloud's Filter Views are a powerful, and simple, way for you to view subsets of your data. To create a Filter View, either visit the CRM tab of Get Started or click the Edit Views link on your Contacts, Companies, or Opportunities tabs.

Edit Views Link in VipeCloud

When creating a new Filter View, choose the Tags column as your filter field and select from available tags for the filter value. Save the Filter View and you can pull up this subset of your data anytime.

Create Tags Filter View

Tag Management Video Overview

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