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VipeCloud Adds Contact Scoring to Its Marketing Suite

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You'd prefer to have a ranked list of contacts based on how much they are engaging with your company than a random list, right? We thought so too. In combination with our Website Tracker release, we updated our Contact Scoring to include pages visited by recipients of your email marketing.

As we have always tracked email events, we provide default values for the four basic email engagement events to all users:

  1. Email Open: +1 point
  2. Email Click: +3 points
  3. Email Unsubscribe: -8 points
  4. Email Bounce: -8 points
These scores are adjustable in your Get Started / Setup page and if you add our website tracker to your website, you can also adjust values for each page of your site. The defaults for your webpages are:
  1. Each visit to your pricing page: +5 points
  2. Each visit to your careers or jobs pages: -5 points
  3. Each visit to every other page: +1 point
The different values for different pages and types of email engagement are intended to reflect the value of the action itself. For example, if someone clicks (+ 3 points) an email link you send them and then they go to multiple pages of your website (+1 point for each) and also visit your pricing page (+5 points), then they will likely rank very high on your Active Contact lists so you can give them the attention they need.
The Active Contacts mentioned above are available on your Dashboard and also as a View on your Contacts page.
For more information about how to get started with our Contact Scoring, view the video below.
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