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VipeCloud adds Facebook to its Social Sharing Sites

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A core component of VipeCloud's All-In-One CRM is social selling, or more accurately, social posting. Generating inbound interest can be a powerful way to effectively market yourself and your business. However, to do it correctly, you can't always be selling.

We have long said that social selling can be thought of like an online cocktail party. As with any type of cocktail party, if you are constantly talking about your job or trying to sell everyone in the room you will soon be shunned. You have to be interesting, ask questions, and add value to those around you.

The best way to achieve that is to consistently post interesting content, and every now and then mix in your own.

That's why at VipeCloud we've made it incredibly easy to post any article you find interesting, to all of your social networks. If you're on your phone you can paste in a link to the VipeCloud app to share or schedule for all of your networks. If you're on your computer you can use our Chrome Sharing Extension to share or schedule the site you're currently visiting to all of your networks.

Facebook is now in the mix...

To date we have focused on LinkedIn and Twitter, as those are the most effective social networks professionally, and for small businesses. Today, we are happy to announce that we received approval on our Facebook integration, and you can now add your company Facebook pages to the list of pages you can post to from VipeCloud.

Of course, all of the tracking and measuring of which content and which social network is best is still available to you. Try it out now!

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