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VipeCloud adds Inbox Sidebar for Gmail to its Product Family

Track Gmail Emails and Access VipeCloud from Directly Inside Gmail

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Some days it all comes together. Today is that day as VipeCloud adds Inbox Sidebar to our product family. Now your SMB can truly benefit from a single provider which supports all of your sales and marketing needs.

Inbox Sidebar brings VipeCloud's email effectiveness, and our entire CRM, directly into your Gmail experience. Track Gmail emails, create and edit opportunities and tasks, and more, all while never leaving your inbox.

Track Gmail Emails

When composing an email in Gmail, we add an additional action bar to your compose window. Sending the email using VipeCloud's Send button will send the email through your Gmail account and insert a tracking pixel so you can track if the email was opened. And, we'll convert your attachments to links so you can track if attachments are viewed (and optionally how long they were viewed).

Additional send options the action bar offers include:

  1. Schedule the email to send later.
  2. Send a mail merged mass email to one of you contact lists.
  3. Send a test email to yourself so you can see what your email will look like to your receiver. 
  4. Insert your email templates or tags for mass email merging.

Access VipeCloud from Inside Gmail

Most sales, and even marketing, professionals spend the majority of their time in front of a computer working their email. With Inbox Sidebar, when you view an email the entire history of emails and attachments with that individual is available to you on the right side of your screen.

Designing the experience with your workflows in mind, Inbox Sidebar fully integrates VipeCloud's CRM with Gmail. Create and edit opportunities, tasks, companies, and contacts and never leave Gmail. You can even upload contact lists and add contacts to lists for your email blasts.

Email Marketing In Gmail

What if you could send out email marketing blasts and never leave Gmail? Gmail has a daily email limit of 1,500 emails. With VipeCloud you can compose your message in Gmail, choose your list of any size, and we'll optionally send it through our servers so you can avoid the Gmail limit of your individual email account. How cool is that?

Furthermore, we'll provide you all the tracking metrics inside Inbox Sidebar, so you can follow up with individuals as needed, again, without leaving Gmail.

For more information and a detailed video overview , view our Inbox Sidebar help video.

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