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VipeCloud Adds Matrix Emails to Marketing Automation Capabilities

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We are thrilled to announce the addition of Matrix Emails to our marketing automation capabilities. Matrix Emails, at their simplest, allow marketers to send personalized mass emails on behalf of their sales team. Why is this important? Because it generates three major benefits for your sales and marketing efforts:

  1. You will save your sales team a LOT of time. Sales people always have been, and always will be, driven by the shorter term wins. Marketing activities are the first to become lower priorities on their to-do lists when other things come up. By doing their email marketing for them, while making your company's email marketing personalized to each of your sales people, your sales people can confidently stick to their sales-focused activities. 
  2. You will maintain message control. Because you, as Marketing or Sales Operations, can now send mass emails for your salespeople, you can craft the message to ensure consistency across your brand, effectiveness of campaigns, and attention to detail.
  3. You will be the harbinger of never letting a marketing activity slip through the cracks. Because marketing activities are often the first to get pushed back by sales people, you can now ensure they stay in front of their audience-at-large on a regular basis by doing their email marketing for them.
Matrix Emails are an end-to-end process allowing administrative users to take on the marketing tasks for their salespeople. And it starts by allowing Admins to upload contact lists on-behalf of their salespeople.
Import CSV on Behalf of Salespeople

Whether you or your salespeople add your lists into VipeCloud, Admins can view all of the contact lists across your VipeCloud account, and select which ones to send a Matrix Email.

Select Multiple Lists for Matrix Emails

From there you simply compose the mass email, send now or schedule from later, and VipeCloud will do the rest. Specifically, VipeCloud will send email mass emails as if it is coming directly from each sales person who owns the list.

Admins can then review all of the emails, and each salesperson will receive click alerts and can review the metrics of their own contact list blast out.

Video Overview of Matrix Emails

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