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VipeCloud Adds Mobile Video, Picture, and Attachment Sharing

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We are happy to announce that sending emails from VipeCloud's mobile app (iPhone or Android) now support a variety of attachments. Get the right collateral in front of your leads and customers while you're on the go!

When composing an email via our mobile app, several icons are now visible below the message box.

Mobile Compose With Attachments

From left to right, the icons do the following:

  1. Opens your VipeCloud content library so you can select content you've already saved or browse and select a file in your Dropbox account.
  2. Opens your phone's photo and video library so you can select which ones you want to send.
  3. Opens your phone's camera to take a new picture.
  4. Opens your phone's video recorder to record a new video.
Easy peasy! Whether you are sending a presentation, a picture, or a video, all of these mobile attachments seamlessly work with VipeCloud's email open and attachment alerts.
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