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VipeCloud Adds Sign Up Forms with Custom Fields to its CRM Offering

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Way to go Cubs for breaking a 108 year World Series drought! VipeCloud's monthly update highlights customer success stories and our new Sign Up Forms with Custom Fields.

Sign Up Forms with Custom Fields are increasing Calgard Associates' Sales Effectiveness

We completely revamped our sign up forms, and as part of the project added the ability to add custom fields. Whether you are building a newsletter list, managing RSVPs, or streamlining your pre-sales to gather pertinent client information, VipeCloud's new Sign Up Forms with Custom Fields is fully integrated into everything else that VipeCloud offers. And don't believe just us!

According to Mike Vrchota, a Certified Workers Compensation Advisor for ISU Insurance Services - Calgard Associates, “I love the VipeCloud email series and sign up web forms. They’re easy to create, easy to deploy, and they let me communicate with my prospects and customers." 

Click here to view Mike's story which includes a sample sign up form he's implementing in his business today. For additional information and a how-to video about our new sign up forms, here is a help article including a video overview.

HireEducation Shortens Sales Cycle By 15% with VipeCloud

HireEducation is taking full advantage of our group / mass emailing capabilities, and it's working! Click here to view their story.

Other Updates

Our favorite blog articles this month

  1. Do you Fear Having to Hire IT and Marketing?
  2. Short Circuiting the Blame Game
  3. From Tony Robbins at Dreamforce: Business is Marketing and Innovation

And more product updates

  1. We added a special character "catch all" as we learned that posting articles to LinkedIn will fail if the title has special characters (e.g. a stylized apostrophe). 
  2. Several minor user interaction enhancements.
  3. Stay tuned for a big upcoming enhancement!

If you have any features on your "wish list", successes you'd like to share, or other feedback please don't hesitate to let us know!

Dare to be great,
-Adam & the VipeCloud team


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