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VipeCloud Adds Website Tracking To Its All-In-One Growth Stack

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A powerful addition to the Marketing side of our offering, VipeCloud's website tracker will supercharge your email marketing. Our website tracker allows you to track which pages on your website your email marketing recipients are visiting. The benefit? Gain a more wholistic understanding of how engaged your audience is with your company and you can correctly prioritize activities around your warmest contacts.

How Does Website Tracking Work?

Our website tracker is a short code snippet that you add to your website. The snippet will add a cookie to each website visitor, tracking every page on your website they visit.

You connect the cookie to a specific visitor through your emails. When you send out an email newsletter (or really any email) add a link to your site like a blog article or a news update. Add to the end of that link "?email=%EMAIL%" and VipeCloud will take take of the rest.

By adding the email merge tag to the end of your hyperlink, when recipients click on the link in your email our website tracker is able to associate the email of the visitor with the cookie. Boom - now you will know what pages they are visiting and when they come back to your site.

On your VipeCloud Dashboard we list up-to-date Recent Engagement so you can see which of your contacts have recently visited pages on your site.

In addition, as part of our Website Tracker release, we added Contact Scoring so that you can adjust the value of various pages of your site to more accurately rank contacts with high scores (e.g. those visiting your pricing page) and those with low scores (e.g. those visiting your careers page - if they want to work with you they might not be an actual lead). Read more about our new Contact Scoring.

How To Create Your Website Tracking Code

Admin users can create a website tracking code on the Marketing tab of your Get Started page. You'll need to add a link to your site's privacy policy (which should include that you use cookies to best service your website visitors) and the domain at which you'll be installing the code. For example,

We then create the code snippet for you and your webmaster can add it to your website just above the </body> tag of each page.

That's it! We're happy to help you setup this feature in your account. Email us to schedule a time.

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