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VipeCloud Adds Zapier App, Task Notifications, and More...

Having recently launched our 3.0 release, we knew we would stir up the dust a bit. Thanks to your feedback we have been pushing the pedal to the medal on our roadmap and released the following:


We now have a Zapier app which add contacts into VipeCloud from any other source that creates contacts or triggers contact-related events. Sample services which might be valuable to connect to your VipeCloud account include:

  • Zendesk New Ticket

  • Stripe Charge

  • MailChimp subscriber

  • Wufoo form entry

  • Olark transcript

  • Quickbooks online customer

  • CallTrackingMetrics calls

  • ScheduleOnce booking

  • contact

Email us if you'd like to try our Zapier app. We are currently in invite only mode.

Task Notifications

Similar to an alert when you have an upcoming event on your calendar, tasks created in VipeCloud now offer notifications. You can set the email notification to when the task is due, or at some period of time before the task is due (e.g. 10 minutes).

Quick Adds on the Dashboard

The top of the Dashboard has been enhanced to allow one click adding of any "item" into VipeCloud, an Opportunity, Task, Sign Up Form, etc. This is also available in our mobile view.

Our system automatically creates contacts and companies for you based on your emails, however, should you want to manually add them you can do that as well. 

Bug Fixes and Minor Enhancements

We also fixed several bugs and made quite a few other enhancements throughout the platform.

Your partners in selling,

Adam & the VipeCloud team

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