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VipeCloud Celebrates One Millionth Email and Launches Email Series

I am thrilled to share with you that today users of VipeCloud sent the one millionth email through our system! What started four years ago as an employee advocacy system (then called social sharing) has grown into a rapidly growing sales and marketing automation platform. For this I say thank you! Thank you for continuing to support VipeCloud, share product ideas, and allow us to be a partner in your business. 
As timing would have it, we are also happy to announce a significant enhancement to the email productivity side of VipeCloud - Email Series. All Pro level users can now create a series of emails scheduled into the future. Automate your drip sales or marketing touch points with your customers. 
There are two main components to the Email Series release:
  1. Creating an Email Series. When composing an email, a new "Create Series" button appears next to the Send Now button. Click it and a workflow appears allowing you to create several future emails (replies or entirely new emails) that you can schedule at a delay from the first email. Email Series works for both single recipients and email lists.
  2. Managing Email Series. The Series link in the main navigation black bar will allow you to view, edit, and cancel existing series, series scheduled to begin in the future, and completed series.
Email Series is designed to automate planned workflows in your sales and marketing funnel. It also makes significant use of email templates.
Your partner in selling,
Adam  & the VipeCloud team
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