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VipeCloud + Dropbox = Share & Track Your Files

As more and more software is used by businesses to manage their operations, it's increasingly important that systems talk to each other. We have developed an integration with Dropbox so that you can access your entire Dropbox account from directly inside VipeCloud.

By doing so, the share and analyze features of VipeCloud that you've come to love can now be utilized with your existing content management system. Millions of people use Dropbox and millions of people use email marketing. We've made the two interoperable for you.

"More efficient, more data driven, and in fewer clicks."

Why? So you can run you business better. More efficient, more data driven, and in fewer clicks. The result, more automation.

Email opens and clicks, social clicks, measuring time on page, and all of the tracking and analytical features of VipeCloud can be applied directly to your entire content library.

We've even put together a Dropbox video overview for you in our help section.


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