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VipeCloud Launches Drip Campaigns

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A powerful marketing tool for nurturing leads and new customers, you can now create a series of emails to send to your contact lists or newly interested contacts in VipeCloud. Simply create a Series Template and apply it when sending your emails. Click here to view a brief overview of how to create and use Series Templates for your Drip Campaigns.

Don't believe just us! Ragi Burhum, CEO of AmigoCloud, has the following to say about why he chose VipeCloud's Drip Campaigns,

“We are far more successful at converting our leads if we are more agile in the way we communicate with our prospects. No product allows AmigoCloud to do that except VipeCloud. Now we easily tailor our message to the needs of each vertical, respond quickly, and deliver the trusted advice our clients value. With campaign products we tried before VipeCloud this workflow was a labor-intensive nightmare."

More product updates recently released...

  1. Help Section. We're building a library of overview videos to demonstrate how to use the myriad of features available in VipeCloud. This is a continual work in progress, however, if you have any specific questions we're happy to prioritize a help video to address your immediate needs.
  2. Tag Selector in the Email Composer. Now there is a dropdown to select from available merge tags to add to your emails.
  3. Webhooks. Want access to your email events to use in another program? We now support webhooks for all of your account email events.
  4. Export your unsubscribe and bounce lists. 
  5. Improved Contact List Management.
  6. Several bug fixes and other improvements, largely as a result of your feedback - thank you!

Happy Selling!

-Adam & the VipeCloud team

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