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VipeCloud's All In One CRM Adds Posting to Your Social Pages

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Does the following situation sound familiar: you write a blog post and now you have to go through your list of Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social pages to manually post your article on each one? 

We were frustrated doing that too, so we added posting to your company social pages to our Chrome Extension. Now you can post (or schedule to post) any webpage you are visiting to your company social pages on LinkedIn and Twitter. Add your company pages on our Connect page. Click here to view a brief video overview of how to share and schedule posts to all your social pages.

As a heads up, we're also in the process of adding Facebook. Let us know if there are other social networks you'd like us to add.

Additional Updates From VipeCloud

Our favorite blog articles this month:

  1. Is it Better to Post Content You Find or Make?
  2. Sales Automation - Having it Your Way
  3. Sending Bulky, Untrackable Attachments Is So 90s

And more product enhancements:

  • Task management rebuild. Tasks now support custom views, a type flag (call, email, note, etc.), and an overall revamp for easier usage. 
  • On-page Contact details viewing and editing. Wherever you see the contact icon you can click for a mini-view of the contact's details, which is also editable! (See screenshot below)
On-page edit contact
  • Inbox sync automation options. When you sync you inbox to VipeCloud you can now choose whether you want us to automatically create contacts and companies for you, or if you want to do so on your own (in one click on our Emails tab). You can also select whether or not you want emails to automatically be logged as contact engagement. (See screenshot below)
Connect your inbox to VipeCloud, with optional automation
  • Ignore Contacts. When deleting a contact you can select for that contact's future emails to you to be ignored. (See screenshot below)
Ignore contact when deleting contact
  • System Content Folders. In an effort to help organize your Content Library every user now has an Outbound Email Attachment, Imported Links, and Inbound Email Attachment folders, which the respective attachments will automatically be added. As part of this process we also automated connecting inbound and outbound content to the appropriate contact. (See screenshot below)
System content folders
  • Change the thumbnail of the content you are sharing via our Chrome Extension or Edit Properties in the Content Library. (See screenshot below)
Change social sharing thumbnail
  • AutoShare Content Approval system. Enterprise accounts can now have Managers AutoShare content to their team members and have that content require approval before it's processed.
  • VipeCloud switched from a freemium model to a free trial modal. New users can now try VipeCloud and get most all of our Pro features free for 15 days.
  • Iconography throughout the product to improve ease of use.

If you have any features on your "wish list" please don't hesitate to share them with us!


Dare to be great,
-Adam & the VipeCloud team


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