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Will Amazon Chime Truly be "Frustration Free Online Meetings"?

· Small Business

I'm excited! Today Amazon announced their entrance into the online meeting space, a new market for them and an update which might send shivers down the spines of Cisco (WebEx), Microsoft (Skype), Google (Hangouts), and the smaller Citrix (GoToMeeting) and LogMeIn (Join.Me).

Amazon has not been successful in every new market to which they've ventured. Remember their phone? But there is good reason to believe they've learned from that experience. And if nothing else, the online meeting marketplace is in desperate need of some overhauling. Their online meeting solution is called Chime.

We have literally tried every single solution we could find, and below is a summary of the issues we've had:

  1. WebEx - branded as an enterprise solution, it's too bulky in price and infrastructure for our small business.
  2. Skype - great for international meetings, but a non-intuitive design. Finding the screen sharing option is a challenge every time.
  3. Hangouts - while this sometimes works just fine, my two gripes are that 1) it seems to draw a LOT of CPU power and 2) just this week the person I was trying to connect with couldn't un-mute herself. 
  4. GoToMeeting - my experiences with GoToMeeting often led me to want to pull my hair out. Bulky, buggy, and support which always seems to claim every enhancement is on their roadmap.
  5. Join.Me - a year or two ago this was the best "new" solution on the market. They have since dropped their free option and we have too many experiences where the first 15 minutes of the call was spent trying to get the other party to download and install Join.Me, sometimes being forced to create an account in the process.

Onto the next one. If for no other reason than need and hope, I'm excited to try Chime :).

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