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Work Your Email Engagement on Group Emails

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The same technology made popular by email marketing companies in the late 1990s has trickled over to sales teams. However, instead of email marketing the functionality is called group emails or mass emails, because sales people won't do anything with marketing in the title ;^).

And just like email marketing, group emails can provide sales people with open and click insights. Insights which can come in the form of table listings or email, text, and mobile notification alerts.

But why stop there?

What if your email engagement could also function as a call list and task log for you? Imagine how streamlined your process becomes when you as a sales person can work your way through your email engagement lists by calling or sending follow up emails AND log your follow up activities right there without having to separately go to your CRM. How cool would that be?? Check out this screenshot:

We love asking what if questions, and this one will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your emails and the efficient use of your time.

Happy selling!

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