• Configure Your CRM To Your Business

    Use Our "Out-Of-The-Box" Settings Or Configure VipeCloud To Your Needs

  • CRM Custom Fields

    Custom Fields

    Add custom fields of nearly any kind to your contacts, companies, and opportunities. We understand each business has nuances, and you can incorporate your requirements into you records with just a few clicks.

    Create Custom Views for all CRM Items

    Filtered Views

    Filter the rows viewed by any of your fields to best understand the state of your business. For example, deals updated within the last week or contacts with certain tags.

    Custom Opportunity Stages

    Column Views

    Display the data that makes the most sense for your business. Setup column views for yourself or to share with your team. Columns views work for all CRM items including contacts, companies, opportunities, and tasks.

    Custom Task Types

    Task Types

    If you want to filter your tasks by type in a custom view, setup any task type you would like.

    Custom Opportunity Stages

    Opportunity Stages

    We'll start you off with a set of opportunity stages and associated percentages, and you're welcome to customize them to your own funnel.

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