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    Proof Points We Are Helping Small and Mid-Sized Businesses Sell Better And Drive Profitability

  • Smallwood Corporate Housing

    "VipeCloud's customer support is unrivaled." 

    -Joshua Wolters, Director of Business Development

    Menlo Partners Staffing Automates Marketing with VipeCloud


    “Blown away by VipeCloud's customer service and product enhancements.”

    -Courtney Meyer, President, Menlo Partners Staffing, Inc.

    Calgard Associates Increases Sales Effectiveness with VipeCloud


    “VipeCloud is helping us close deals more efficiently.”

    -Mike Vrchota, ISU Insurance Services – Calgard Associates

    HireEducation shortens sales cycle by 15% with VipeCloud


    “VipeCloud helps us connect more closely with our customers, efficiently.”

    –Jim Doyle, Manager of Outreach and Marketing

  • Ragi Burhum


    "“We are far more successful at converting our leads if we are more agile in the way we communicate with our prospects. No product allows AmigoCloud to do that except VipeCloud. Now we easily tailor our message to the needs of each vertical, respond quickly, and deliver the trusted advice our clients value. With campaign products we tried before VipeCloud this workflow was a labor-intensive nightmare."

    Ragi Burhum


    Shannon August

    ICON Staffing Network

    "93% of our recruiters were active on social networks through VipeCloud over that past 30 days. This high adoption rate is proof we’re extending the marketing reach of ICON with a more qualified audience and that audience is responding."

    Shannon August
    Marketing Manager

    Victor Gane


    "VipeCloud has been invaluable to DermLink. Using VipeCloud allows us to better qualify potential customers, making our follow-ups more successful and focusing our efforts on only the most likely opportunities."

    Victor Gane


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