• Deal Tracking

    Opportunity Management, From Prospecting To Close And Beyond

  • Define Your Pipelines And Stages

    • Create one or more pipelines to track your sales cycles. 
    • Define stages for each pipeline.
    • Add criteria to each stage so your team knows exactly what's expected.

    Create Opportunities

    • Create opportunities simply by adding a name, or customize fields like owner, stage, close date, amount, and more.
    • Add tags to opportunities to help with filtered views.
    • Add opportunities from Gmail or our web app.

    View Filtered Lists of Your Opportunities

    • View lists of your opportunities, filtered how it makes sense to your business.
    • Filter by tags, stage, close date, and more.

    Activities Related to Your Opportunities Automatically Logged

    • All emails, stage changes, and more automatically added as activities related to your opportunities.
    • Easily add notes or log completed activities (e.g. calls)
    • Activity separated by "your activity" and "their activity" to provide improved insight into the quality of the deal.

    Configurable Visibility Permissions

    • Manage teams and data visibility and permissions.
    • Data visibility is "top down" across three levels - admins, managers, and members.
    • Control visibility to opportunities, contacts, companies, email templates, and social sharing content.
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