• Inbox Sidebar

    All Of VipeCloud's Email Tracking And CRM Data, Inside Your Gmail

  • Accelerate Sales with Comprehensive Email Tracking

    All of the features below are available in Inbox Sidebar and our Web App

    Email Opens

    Know the second your recipient opens your email, so you can respond accordingly.

    Email Clicks

    Receive click alerts which prove engagement. For mass emails, learn which links generate the best click through rates.

    Attachment Views

    Convert your attachments to hyperlinks, making your emails light weight and informing you of recipient engagement.

    Email Templates

    Save time typing redundant emails with Personal and Team email templates.

    Email Scheduling

    Tee up a follow up email to send on the date requested by your prospect, or utilize down time to type and schedule your next outreach.

    Email Series

    Schedule a series of emails to send to your prospect lists. We can even remove contacts from the next automated email when they respond.

    From Gmail

    Deliver emails through your own Gmail or G Suite account via Inbox Sidebar, a Chrome Extension.

    From VipeCloud

    Or deliver emails through VipeCloud's servers via our web app for any browser.

    Weekly Opens

    Uncover new leads by learning who's opened your emails this week. Take advantage of people circling back to read your emails.


    Display your attachments in a web browser and measure time spent viewing each page, so you can tailor your follow up.

  • Inbox Sidebar Adds An Action Bar When Composing Emails

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