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    Robust Mail Merge Capabilities From Gmail, Our Web App, And Mobile

  • Email Marketing, Simplified

    Add Contact List

    Add Contact List

    Upload a CSV or add contact records to an existing list, all without ever leaving Gmail.

    Add Merge Tags in Gmail

    Compose Email with Merge Tags

    The Tags dropup in the Inbox Sidebar Action Bar copies tags to your clipboard, which you can paste directly into your subject or email.

    Send Yourself Test Email

    Send a Test Email to Yourself

    Cut once and measure twice, applied to email. See what your recipients will receive before you send our your mass email.

    Choose Contact List

    Choose Contact List

    Type "Mass Email" or the name of your contact list to select your recipients.

    Schedule Email for Later or Send Now

    Send Now or Schedule for Later

    Choose when you want to send your email to your list, and you're all set!

    Mass Email Metrics Visible in Gmail

    Measure Results from Gmail

    Inbox Sidebar provides overview and drill down results of your mass email from right inside Gmail. Track delivers, opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces.


    Pending your settings, you mass email can send through your Gmail or G Suite account, or through VipeCloud's servers. Use the same work flow in Gmail for either one.


    Your own email account will always have the highest deliverability, however, sending through our servers allows for lists larger than 1,500 (Gmail daily limit) and provides insights about delivers and bounces which Gmail will not.

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