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  • Advanced Mass Email By VipeCloud

    Advanced Mass Email

    The most effective way to send mass emails

    • Process mass emails one-email-per-minute. 
    • Improve delivery, open, and reply rates.
    • Add consistency to your prospecting efforts.
    Create Series Template

    Define and automate a cadence of outreach campaigns to grow your business

    • Automate touch points to generate interest. 
    • Send new emails, replies, create tasks, or trigger Zapier Zaps.
    • Permission for each of your teams to use.
    • Deploy to contacts, contact lists, or as an AutoResponder.
    Email Marketing By VipeCloud

    Easily create, send, and track mass emails with a high probability of getting into your prospect's inbox

    • Personalize emails with mail merge tags.
    • Track opens, clicks, and replies. 
    • Automatic unsubscribe and bounce management.
    • Send your emails through our email servers or your own exchange.
    Sample Email Templates By VipeCloud

    Sample Email Templates

    Beautiful Templates For Nearly Any Occasion

    • Kick start your newsletters with inspiration.
    • Customize with our drag-and-drop HTML Builder.
    • Create a landing page link to post your templates on 3rd party sites.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    List Segmenting

    Merge, split, and segment to effectively target and follow up with your leads

    • Split your contact lists for A/B testing.
    • Merge lists, remove opens, and follow up.
    • Never worry about duplicates on your lists. 
    VipeCloud Verify Emails

    Email Verification

    Built in email verification service to protect your email and domain reputation

    • If you grow using outbound email efforts, it is imperative that you protect your domain's email reputation.
    • Verify your lists before you begin your campaigns.
    • You can even verify individual contact's. 
    Sign Up Forms By VipeCloud

    Capture information from your clients and leads

    • No-coding web-to-lead forms.
    • Share as a landing page or embed just the form fields on your own site.
    • Add an AutoResponder when someone completes your form.
    VipeCloud Landing Page Screen Shot

    Landing Pages

    Share your sign up forms

    • Host sign up forms on landing pages.
    • Email or post your landing pages to elicit responses.
    • Add an image, title, and description above your sign up form.


    Automatically trigger email and series templates

    • Trigger email and series templates when a new contact is added to a list.
    • Use in combination with our sign up forms or for any contact list.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    A robust social sharing system designed to increase your lead generation

    • Schedule and post content and links to your social pages. 
    • Exponentially increase your footprint by posting to each of your team member's LinkedIn profiles.
    • Receive weekly links to share top Trending Articles. 
    Website Tracker By VipeCloud

    Website Tracking

    Connect your email marketing to your website visitors

    • Learn which contacts are visiting each page on your website.
    • Connect your email marketing to specific website visitors.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Contact Scoring

    Rank active contacts based on engagement

    • Score email opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces, in addition to website visits via our Website Tracker.
    • Adjust the value of different engagement activities. 
    • Take action with your most active contacts.
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