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  • Advanced Mass Email

    Advanced Mass Email

    The most effective way to send mass emails

    • Improve delivery, open, and even reply rates by delaying your mass emails to one email per minute.
    • "Set it and forget it" and build consistency into your prospecting efforts.
    • Choose the hours of the day to process your emails, for each day of the week.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Define and automate a cadence of outreach campaigns to grow your business

    • Create cadences with multiple touch points that send new emails, replies to previous emails, and alerts to you to take action like calling your prospect. 
    • Define a Series Template for your entire team to use.
    • Deploy Series via email or as an autoresponder to your sign up forms.
    VipeCloud Merge Tags

    Easily create, send, and track mass emails with a high probability of getting into your prospect's inbox

    • Mass email with mail merge tags, open and click tracking, and unsubscribe management.
    • Send your emails through our email servers or your own exchange.
    • Customize your email look and feel with a complete rich text editor.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    List Segmenting

    Easily merge, split, and segment your contact lists and mass emails to effectively target and follow up with your leads

    • Split your contact lists for A/B testing.
    • Merge lists, remove opens, and follow up.
    • Select from sent mass emails to create "no open" or "no reply" segment and follow up.
    • Never worry about duplicates on your lists. 
    VipeCloud Verify Emails

    Email Verification

    Built in email verification service to protect your email and domain reputation

    • If you grow using outbound email efforts, it is imperative that you protect your domain's email reputation.
    • Verify your lists before you begin your campaigns.
    • You can even verify individual contact's. 
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Website Tracking

    Connect your email marketing to your website visitors

    • With just a couple lines of code added to your website and blog, you can learn which contacts are visiting each page on your website.
    • Website tracking brings your marketing efforts full circle by connecting your email marketing to specific website visitors.
    • With each page visited you can adjust the engagement score. For example, you can make visits to your pricing page worth several positive points, and visits to your careers page worth several negative points (if a visitor wants to work for you they are unlikely a hot lead).
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Contact Scoring

    A wholistic view of active contacts based on engagement

    • Gain insight into your warmest leads by adjusting the value of their engagement activities. 
    • Track activities including email opens, clicks, unsubscribes, and bounces, in addition to website visits via our Website Tracker.
    • Enable each member of your team to take action with their most active contacts.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    A robust social sharing system designed to increase your lead generation

    • Schedule and post content and links to your LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook pages. 
    • Exponentially increase your footprint by posting to each of your team member's LinkedIn profiles.
    • Receive weekly links to share top Trending Articles. 
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Generate inbound interest with forms and build a list to nurture

    • Generate inbound interest with "no-coding" web-to-lead forms. (e.g. make a white paper available in return for someone's contact information).
    • Create and share a landing page or embed just the form fields on your own blog or site.
    • Create a series of email responses triggered to begin when someone completes your form.
    • Contacts and companies are automatically created for each person who completes a sign-up form.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Convert your blog to a newsletter and power a blog subscription

    • Challenged to find content for your newsletter? With our RSS To Email we'll convert your blog articles into your newsletter for you! 
    • Use in combination with our sign up forms.
    • Enable a subscription for your blog.
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