• Performance Stack

    The Unified Foundation Of VipeCloud's Sales And Marketing Suites

  • "Out Of The Box" Ready Yet Highly Customizable Data Management


    Manual Entry









    Custom Opportunity Stages






    3rd Party Integrations

  • Automatically add and update your contacts

    • For every email sent or received, if no contact or company record exists, we'll automatically create it for you
    • All email activity, including open and attachment view engagement, is automatically logged as activities.
    • Simple, one-time setup via CSV upload.
    • Integrate other systems to VipeCloud for additional automated contact and activity creation.

    Ready To Go "Out Of The Box" And Also Highly Configurable

    Create fields, filter views, and view columns to the specifics of your business

    • Add custom fields of nearly any kind to your CRM records.
    • Display columns which make the most sense for you, including columns of your custom fields.
    • Filter the items displayed based on a variety of metrics. For example, view only contacts updated within the last week.
    • Configure your views to include or exclude by fields of your choosing.
    • Setup your sales funnel with custom opportunity stages (or use our defaults).
    • Our automations are fully configurable so you can take advantage of them or turn them off. 

    Gain Insights With Standard & Custom Reports

    Learn the quantity and types of your teams' activities

    • Understand how many and which tasks are being completed.
    • Measure email activity and response rates.
    • View social click through rates across your team(s).
    • Learn what works for your top sales people so you can best train your new ones.

    Automate Selling with IFTTT

    Our newest feature allows you to create alerts based on user actions

    • If This Then That allows you to set triggers from which actions can occur. 
    • For example, trigger an alert to a team member to begin a series if a custom field or opportunity stage is changed. 
    • Ramp new sales people quickly with a pre-defined relationship building playbook.

    Pipeline insights and automations to provide you with accurate forecasting

    • Activities automatically logged and attributed to your opportunities.
    • Gain insights into your entire funnel, at every stage.
    • View visual representations of your closed and expected deals.
    • Add tags, files, and other content to any opportunity.
    • Manage visibility and permissions across teams and user levels.

    Organize Your Data With Tags

    Add tags to Contacts, Companies, and Opportunities for easy filtering and reporting

    • Tags are a powerfully simple way to organize data the way you and your team want it organized. 
    • Build a group of tags for your Contacts, Companies, and Opportunities from which you can filter and create reports. 
    • Add multiple tags to any item so they can be part of multiple sub-groups of your data.

    Never Forget a Follow Up Task

    Complete task management system

    • Create and update tasks from Inbox Sidebar in Gmail or via our web app. 
    • Set due dates and reminder notifications.
    • Attribute tasks to contacts, companies, or opportunities

    Robust content management and sharing system

    • Attachments sent and received are automatically imported and added to your contact records. 
    • Upload files and add links as additional content related to contacts, companies, or opportunities.
    • Host videos you can embed on your website
    • Connect your Dropbox account and add / share content through VipeCloud on an as-needed basis.
    • Track view counts, time on content, and per page view time for your content.
  • Integration Ready

    Configure VipeCloud to work with other products in your ecosystem

    zapier logo

    "Zaps" Connect 


    Use VipeCloud's Zapier app to create activities and contacts based on triggers from other systems. (E.g. Stripe payments, Quickbooks payments, Zendesk tickets, etc.)


    Contact us to learn more.

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    Customize to Your Needs
    With Our API

    Not finding what you need on Zapier? Customize the data you need to get from or add to VipeCloud via our own API.


    Request access to our API.

    Refer VipeCloud and

    Earn Credits

    We help you make it easy to bring VipeCloud to your audience and offer a lucrative incentive program.


    Learn more about our referral program.

  • Security

    We are proud of our strict security practices

    Please click here to view the Security, Privacy and Architecture Documentation, which provides deeper detail about our security protocols, technical infrastructure, and privacy practices.


    For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service, or contact us at support@vipecloud.com.

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