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    How Many Subscriptions To Other Sales And Marketing Products Can You Combine Into

    Just One VipeCloud Subscription?

  • Contact us for pricing to meet your needs by chatting, emailing, or calling (650) 308-8473

    VipeCloud is accessible on the Web, as a Gmail Sidebar, and on iOS and Android Devices.


  • Plan FAQs

    How does the Free Trial work?

    Our 15 day Free Trial is your no-risk, nearly-full-featured access to VipeCloud to test if we will work for you. During your trial you can send emails (up to 150), setup data fields, sync your inbox, manage contacts (up to 2K), and have full access to our support team to answer questions, demo the product, and more.

    Do I have to sign a long term contract?

    No. After your trial you can continue with VipeCloud on a quarterly or annual basis.

    Can I migrate my data to your system?

    Yes and we can help you do so. If you sync your inbox with VipeCloud, we can automatically build your contact and company databases, or you can upload a CSV to get started. We can also import existing opportunities from a prior CRM.

    How does adding users work?

    Simple, we prorate the time remaining on your quarterly or yearly subscription. From your team management page you can add new users by adding their email, and we'll send the new users a welcome note and also invite them to connect for a product training.

    What types of payments do you accept?

    Our most popular payment type is credit card, and you can manage your payments from inside your account. In certain cases we also accept checks and Bitcoin.

    Can I change plans?

    Yes. Similar to adding new users, we'll simply prorate the difference you owe or are credited when changing your plan.

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