• RSS To Email

    Convert Your Blog Into A Newsletter And Power A Blog Subscription

  • Convert Your Blog to a Newsletter

    Is it a challenge to come up with content for your newsletter? No more! Now you can easily turn your blog articles into your newsletters. We'll convert your recent blogs into simple sections within a newsletter. All newsletter tracking just like a regular mass email sent from VipeCloud.

    Setup a Blog Subscription

    Add one of our sign up forms to your blog, and we can automatically send new blog articles to everyone who has subscribed to your blog!

    Simple Template Setup

    Create a template for your newsletter or blog subscription all in a single modal. Add the RSS link to your blog, customize any default settings, and you're all set!

    Recurring Sends

    To power a blog subscription, for example, you can create a "recurring send" for your RSS To Email template. Then on a regular basis - daily, weekly, or monthly - we can send any new articles to your blog subscriber contact list.

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