• Suite of Easy-To-Use Sales Tools And Tricks

    Minimize Manual Entry, Gain Customer Engagement Insights, And Never Let A Lead Fall Through

  • Email Tracking Action Bar Added To Gmail

    Send trackable emails through Gmail, and access all your CRM data via a sidebar ​

    • Receive email open and attachment view alerts.
    • Leverage personal and team templates to save time.
    • Schedule emails to send later.
    • Create multi-step email series to drip messages at intervals to your audience.
    • Measure time per page viewed on attachments.
    • Create and edit tasks, opportunities, contacts, and companies without ever leaving your Gmail workspace.
    • View and respond to email engagement as it happens.
    • Add contacts to your mail merge lists.
    • Uncover opportunities tracking Weekly Opens.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    One-Click Video Email

    Send personalized video messages to accelerate your sales

    • Add a face to your name with a personalized video message!
    • Upload or record videos on our web or web apps, and send a message with your photo, name, email, and phone number all clearly visible. 
    • Track email opens, video views, and also how long recipients spent viewing your videos.
    • Learn more via our blog article about One-Click Video Emailing
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    For one-to-one or one-to-few emails

    • Send single or one-to-few emails and track email opens, clicks, and attachment views.
    • Leverage email personal or team-provided email templates to save time. 
    • Send your emails through our email servers or through your G-Suite account.
    • Schedule emails to send later.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Inbox Sync To Minimize Manual Entry

    Fully automate contact and company creation with our inbox sync

    • For each email sent and received, VipeCloud will check if a contact record exists for that email address. If one does not, we will automatically create the contact and company record for you, dramatically reducing manual entry.
    • Each email open, click, and attachment view is also logged as a completed activity to the contact record. 
    • Attachments sent and received are automatically stored with the contact record.
    • Turn off or on various levels of automations.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    Launch multiple touch point campaigns including emails and alerts to call

    • Send a series of new emails, replies to previous emails, and alerts to you to take action like calling your prospect. 
    • Leverage Series Templates you create yourself or use from marketing.
    • Have responses to a series email be removed from future automated sends.
    Inbox Sidebar Automations

    No Replies Helps You Never Forget a Follow Up

    View sent emails which have not received a reply

    • Whether you send the email through VipeCloud or have sync'd your inbox, we will let you know which sent emails have not received a reply.
    • From the list you can send a new email, send a follow up email, or hide the suggestion. 
    • Never let a lead fall through the cracks! 
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