• Social Lead Generation

    Drive Inbound Traffic And Leads By Expanding Your Social Footprint

  • Task Management

    Connect All Your Social Pages

    LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter

    • Connect your company social pages, and even your personal LinkedIn and Twitter pages to VipeCloud.
    • Once connected, you can post to all of them (or a subset) at the same time.
    CRM Customization

    Post and Schedule Sharing

    Streamline and plan your social posts with our Chrome Extension

    • Add a link into VipeCloud or use our Chrome Extension to post your own blog articles, or other great content, while you're visiting the page!
    • Launch your posts in real time or schedule your posts out into the future.

    Supercharge your Sharing Across Your Entire Team

    Post the the LinkedIn profiles of each of your team members, on behalf of them.

    • Centralize the arduous work of creating and finding interesting content to share to a single person and post their results through your entire team.
    • Divide your salespeople into teams based on the type of content their LinkedIn audience will value.
    • Greatly expand your footprint by posting to the LinkedIn profiles of every member of your team (each team member can always choose to remove the post, or approve each post before it goes live).
    • Measure which teams, team members, and content and generating the most engagement.
    Task Management

    Weekly Emails with Content to Share

    We drop trending content in your lap

    • Every Tuesday all VipeCloud members receive an email with content that has proven to generate click-throughs for other VipeCloud users.
    • Post the content to LinkedIn or Twitter from directly inside the email.
    • Use this often generically interesting content to mix up your social posts.
    Task Management

    Measure and Compare

    Learn what content, networks, and team members are performing best

    • Measure engagement over different time periods.
    • Compare which content and salespeople are generating the most click throughs. 
    • If you have setup multiple VipeCloud teams, you can even compare the effectiveness of each one against the others. 
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